New Students

      The school is accredited by the American commission on International and Trans-regional accreditation (AdvancED/USA). This is an impressive achievement, since AdvancED is an alliance of the largest American accrediting associations.  Teachers at Rawafed take keen interest in their students and deal with them on an individual basis as much as possible. In this way, friendships are encouraged between teachers and students which last beyond school, and many of our students frequently visit to reminisce about old times. The school is proud of the excellent results achieved by its SAT I & II Our graduates now attend universities world-wide including UAE. US, UK , Canada and Europe.

              A warm welcome to the Rawafed Private School  web site viewers! Our school offers a comprehensive curriculum for students along with an extensive co-curricular program of activities. Rawafed outstanding faculty and staff are positive, energetic people who have high expectations of themselves and their students. The evolving professional community at Rawafed is a major attraction as we increasingly demonstrate respect for students and making their success a top priority with a supportive, stimulating, and student centered-environment.

The school day for students starts at 7:30 AM.

 The school day for K.G. will end at 12:30 PM.

 The school day for Grades (1-12) will end at 2:30 PM.

Important Notes

1. School Transportation:
Students who have registered to ride the school buses should be brought to school by their parents for the first two days only. Students will return home on these two days by school bus, in order for the drivers to know where they live. Since the school cannot be responsible for students after the school day has ended, parents are requested to collect their children promptly.

 2. School Uniforms:

Beginning the first day of school, all students must wear their full school uniforms; from the tie down to the black shoes (grades KG & 1-7) Black or brown shoes (grades 8-12). Students are not allowed to come to school without the complete uniform. We, therefore, recommend that each student has at least two complete uniforms in case of emergency.