The Clinic

 The Rawafed Private School is concerned with the physical as well as the intellectual and emotional development of our students. RPS, therefore, employs a part-time physician. There are fully equipped medical clinics on campus.

In addition to regular checkups for all students, basic medical and dental services are provided free of charge to students and staff. Parents are given the option of having the RPS physician inoculate their children against such diseases as Polio and Measles.

The Rawafed Private School offers a high standard of health education and care to its students and staff.

It has fully equipped medical clinics that are staffed with highly qualified, part-time physician who are easily accessed by students, staff.

The clinic provides the following services:

  •  Regular medical and dental checkups twice a year; once each semester are provided for all students. Notes are sent to parents regarding any irregularities.
  •  Medical records are maintained for all students.
  •  First aid and daily medical are provided. Also, referrals to specialists or hospitals in cases of injury or accident which need further treatment.
  • In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the school doctor will administer the required vaccinations to students according to their age.
  • Promoting health education and awareness regarding hygiene, safety, and nutrition among students, staff, and parents by conducting lectures and activities and by distributing brochures and leaflets.
  • Maintaining a healthy and safe environment by conducting rotational inspections for the cafeteria, bathrooms, and water sources.